In recent years, Alabama has become a major location for automobile manufacturers and suppliers. Several major automotive manufacturers and engine manufacturers are located in Alabama, including Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Hyundai, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Inc. in Huntsville, Navistar Diesel of Alabama, and International Diesel. Additionally, more than 350 other automotive-related companies have located to the state.

The Benefits Alabama offers for Automotive Companies

Below are just a few of the advantages Alabama has to offer:

  • Right-to-Work State
    Alabama is right-to-work state, which can help make it easier for automotive companies to recruit and maintain a strong workforce.
  • Skilled Labor
    Because of the high concentration of automotive-related companies, Alabama has developed a workforce with the skills needed for this industry. Many of the state's educational institutions provide automotive-specific training and education programs.
  • Competitive Tax Incentives
    Alabama has consistently provided highly-competitive tax incentives packages to automotive manufacturers, helping to lower the cost of doing business in the state.
  • Foreign Trade Zones and Port Access
    Montgomery and Dothan have designated foreign trade zones, which can reduce business costs for companies that rely on imports or exports. Additionally, many of the counties in the PowerSouth service area have port access on the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway or are within a few hours from the Port of Mobile.